Thursday, 4 July 2013

My LUSH Experience Part I

For those who have never heard of the English brand LUSH: fresh, fair trade, eco friendly and hand made cosmetics. By the way, where on earth do you live that you haven't heard of them?!
I guess most of my friends know it because I can't stop talking about it and most of my Christmas presents are from LUSH. So if you know me, chances are high that you know LUSH.
It all started in summer 2011 before I started University. I had plenty of time and had started working so that suddenly I had money on my own and was able to spend it on anything I wanted. Yay!
First time I actually saw a shop was in Vienna. I walked by and it smelled so good that I wondered if they had a cream that smelled like chocolate. They didn't. They had: a massage bar that smelled like caramel, vanilla and chocolate; a face mask with chocolate; a lip balm with chocolate and a lip scrub with vanilla and chocolate. I was all about chocolate.
I got home, googled the nearest LUSH shop and found one in the city. I bought Soft Cœur and was in heaven. The story could have ended here with an happily ever after but  one of the workers gave me the LUSH times.
Oh snap. There we go.
I would spend hours reading their newspaper, longing for all the great stuff they had. It felt like I was under some kind of spell because all I could think about was how great this brand was (and still is)! I kept telling everyone about it and my family just shaked their heads because they couldn't believe that I was willing to spend so much money on beauty products. Oh little did they know then...

Now before you get bored, here are the products from LUSH that convinced me:

It's Raining Men

It is: a shower gel
Why I love it: it smells like caramel and chocolate and makes everybody else love you because the smell stays for quite a long time ;)
Repurchase: OF COURSE! I'm working on my second bottle..

Soft Cœur

It is : a massage bar  and the first product I ever bought there
Why I love it: you get a massage, it smells SO GOOD and it stays for hours and last but not least, it leaves my back (or any other massaged body part) incredibly soft
Repurchase: OH YES! I have already used up one of them!


Turkish Delight
It is: a shower smoothie
Why I love it: I had to get used to it's consistency. Now I love how it feels like when I apply it onto my skin. It does a great job at  cleaning your body
Repurchase: Definitely, but not in the near future since it takes me ages to use up a single pot

Ro's Argan
It is: a body conditioner
Why I love it: I apply it in the shower after having used my Turkish Delight shower smoothie and it moisturizes my skin so deeply I don't have to use body cream afterwards
Repurchase: Yes, though not in the near future because it's quite pricey and I want to use up my other body creams

Charity Pot
It is: a rich body cream
Why I love it: It has Cocoa Butter in it, that's why it smells like chocolate cookies. It does a perfect job at moisturizing my skin. I mostly use it as an after sun treatment.
Repurchase: Someday when I'm finally out of all my body creams

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
It is: a mix of a bubble bar and a bath melt
Why I love it: Its smell is so relaxing, you think you're in a spa.
Repurchase: OH YES!

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon
It is: a mix of a bubble bar and a bath melt
Why I love it: It's like I'm bathing in a melting chocolate caramel muffin.
Repurchase: OF COURSE! It's part of my spa evenings!

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